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Mannheim Steamroller – Top Ten Christmas Music

December 19, 2013 | Comment

A class of its own, Mannheim Steamroller is the most popular symphonic pop, holiday album and has been a mainstay in Christmas music. Primarily known for its contemporary renditions of Christmas music, Mannheim Steamroller’s album “Mannheim Steamroller Christmas” has been a signature staple for holiday music.

These yuletide melodies are holiday classics that have been embraced during the holidays for decades and with its continuous success during the holidays will continue to be.

Mannheim Steamroller: Deck The Halls

Making Christmas music for three decades, Mannheim Steamroller has been a traditional holiday staple. With his innovative approaches to yuletide favorites, Mannheim Steamroller has been able to liven up Christmas songs in a creative fashion.

Incorporating synthesized instruments and even doing duets with the likes of Olivia Newton-John, Mannheim Steamroller has been bringing a new electronic spin to the Christmas spirit during the holidays.

“Mannheim Steamroller Christmas” was release nearly 20 years ago, but its timeless quality makes it a Christmas favorite during the holidays. Standout traditional songs on the album include “Deck The Halls,” “We Three Kings” and “Stilla Nacht ” which demonstrates why this album is a quintessential holiday classic.

Additional tracks include French Christmas carol, “Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella” and “Good King Wenceslas” which are memorable and lush.

These orchestral renditions of yuletide carols help you feel the magic of the holidays and provide the ideal soundtrack to any holiday gathering.

Being a best-seller for Christmas albums, “Mannheim Steamroller Christmas” album is a symphonic pop masterpiece and will guide you through the holidays with ease. These symphonic pop classics are updated contemporary renditions of Christmas music that you’ll grow to love with its electronic interpretations.


Christmas music is time where reunions happen and a time meant to be spent with loved one next to a Christmas tree with twinkling lights and eating holiday dishes. Having an accompanying soundtrack that embodies the love and spirit of the holidays is  equally as important to any holiday occasion.

“Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas” provides that ideal music to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year for its eloquence and creativity and elaborate orchestrations that will make any holiday memorable.

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