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Rod Stewart – Top Ten Christmas Music

December 19, 2013 | Comment

Rod Stewart’s “Merry Christmas, Baby” features the signature and distinctive raspy vocals of the American songwriter in his easy- listening renditions of holiday songs.

Rod Stewart incorporates a variety of genres in his interpretations of Christmas songs such as rock, folk music, soul music, and blues. Grammy Award-Winning, legendary singer  Rod Stewart features both traditional Christmas songs and original songs in this swinging, yuletide album.

Rod Stewart: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Featuring traditional songs like “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” “Silent Night,” and “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?”  with a soft rock twist, Rod Stewart’s “Merry Christmas, Baby” album embodies the Christmas spirit to perfection.

The album features a variety of award winning and eclectic mix of artists collaborating with Rod Stewart including Cee Lo Green, Ella Fitzgerald, Mary J. Blige and Michael Buble which adds a refreshing twist and sets it a part from most holiday albums.

The album is lush and soulful and embraces the true meaning of Christmas. This holiday from one of the best selling recording artists of all time speaks volumes about his talent and versatility. Standouts of the album include “Red Suited Super Man” which is an original and unique and pays adage to Santa Claus himself.

Along with other standouts on the album, “Red Suited Super Man”  is one of the main reasons why Radio Santa put this album in Radio Santa’s Top Ten Christmas Albums. It is not easy to bring peace, joy and love and deliver presents to every single home across the world; hence,Radio Santa Claus appreciates that Rod Stewart took a little time out of his day to write a song that strokes Radio Santa’s ego.


Rod Stewart ChristmasIf you love the timeless soul that Rod Stewart has nailed down to perfect and love holiday songs, then Rod Stewart’s “Merry Christmas, Baby” is for you. This Christmas album is contemporary and showcases Stewart’s soulful style at new heights.

With collaborations with new and contemporary artists and remastered yuletide carols that will bring the spirit of the holidays  to where you are, Rod Stewart’s “Merry Christmas, Baby” is a classic staple for the holiday season.

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