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The Beach Boys – Top Ten Christmas Music

“The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album” features sunny, surf rock renditions of holiday songs that are perfect to listen to while spending the holidays in California.

Though, the majority of the nation is used to bundling up and experiencing snow storms during the holiday season, this album pays adage to why experiencing the wonder of the holiday season with the year-round sunshine of Southern California is the best way to celebrate holiday festivities.

The Beach Boys: White Christmas

Staying true to the Beach Boys’ signature style and not delving outside of it, “The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album” is a fusion of surf rock and beloved Christmas carols.

Along the same style of Beach Boy favourites like “Good Vibrations” and “Surfing U.S.A,”  “The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album” has the same surfin’ style, but instead pays tribute to the most wonderful time of the year.

Featuring beloved classics like “Blue Christmas,” “White Christmas,” and “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and also featuring songs with the golden, personal touch of Brian Wilson like “Merry Christmas, Baby” and “Little Saint Nick,” these collection of holiday songs are perfect to add to any Christmas album collection.

Known for their euphoric melodies that conjure up images of beach boardwalks and ocean fronts, The Beach Boys incorporate their own trademark style on this holiday album and is one of the most beloved albums of all time.

beach boys white christmas“The Beach Boys’ Christmas album” features a wide range of songs from emotional ballads to playful ballads to rockin’ tunes. This collection of songs made it on Radio Santa’s Top Ten play list for its versatility and ability to fuse their signature style into some of the world’s most beloved Christmas songs of the season.


To liven up your holiday season, “The Beach Boys’ Christmas album” will serve as a perfect soundtrack to any holiday setting and bring to life why California is the ideal place to be during the holidays.

Whether you’re in the mood for upbeat music instead of sentimental tunes, “The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album” is an ideal soundtrack for any holiday party or festivity and will ensure to have you in the holiday mentality.

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