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Elvis Presley – Top Ten Christmas Music

“Elvis’ Christmas Album” by Elvis Presley, the “King of Rock,” adds a rockin’ spin to the holidays with his interpretations of the original Christmas songs and also adding some Christmas originals and gospel songs to the mix.

The Rock N’ Roll legend’s rendition of timeless classical Christmas songs were released in 1957 and has been added along with other  collection of holiday songs with historical significance to Radio Santa’s Top Ten Favorite Christmas Album list.

Elvis Presley: Blue Christmas

This timeless treasure and first collection of Christmas songs from Elvis Presley is not far from Graceland and stays true to Elvis Presley’s risqué style and also plays up his more sentimental side.

Presley effortlessly managed to integrate rhythm and blues and rock and roll to the classical holiday music genre with ease.

As opposed to adhering to the rules and falling victim to the conventional Christmas music genre, his distinct rockabilly vocals sets this finely-honed Christmas album apart from other holiday albums. Nobody can beat the King of Rock at his own game, and he has not only made Rock N’ Roll what it is today, but has even set the tone for many holiday albums with “Elvis’ Christmas Album.”

Featuring the “King’s” smash hits “Blue Christmas” and “Santa Claus Is Back In Town,” “Elvis’ Christmas Album” features the edgy crooner’s highlight singles during the span of his iconic career and remains one of the best selling holiday albums.


This album alone helped solidify Elvis Presley’s iconic status. Presley’s rendition of “White Christmas” is a holiday staple that has been a holiday favourite for decades.

Whether you have listened to this album for decades or are listening to it for the first time, it is impossible for “Elvis’ Christmas Album” to lose its lustre. “Elvis’ Christmas Album” is a gem, in itself.

If your Christmas is in need of some rockin’ hits to kick off the holiday season, “Elvis’ Christmas Album” will not disappoint.

The holiday season is not complete without listening to this holiday album with the royal touch of the “King of Rock N’ Roll” Ring in the holiday season with the “King of Rock N’ Roll!” with “Elvis’ Christmas Album.”

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